About Nour Azazy

     Nour is a passionate designer who is always concerned with fashion trends and styles since childhood. A confident, daring, and ahead of creative mind. Her studies in the field of arts helped a lot in shaping her career in the field of fashion. Her signature is always shown in her colorful, daring and unique wardrobe. Inspired by the beauty of the white lilies, sun flowers, vintage wood and sunsets. Always affected by the various culture s specially the pharaonic and greek civilizations and the gothic architecture. Started her fashion career in 2014 with unique, daring and timeless designs.

About the brand

Nazazy the brand was founded in 2016 by the designer and fashion icon Nour Azazy. It is a fashion house specialized in customizing haute couture gowns with the special signature of the designer. Our unique designs helped the brand grow in no time leaving a sense of glamour on each and every design.